Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goal #1-Week in Review

This past week I tackled purging all of the processed foods living in our kitchen.  I went into this task thinking it would be quick and easy, I mean we really don't eat that many processed foods.  However, I was taken aback at the amount of food I ended up ditching...really quite scary actually.

Some of the items were obviously "bad" foods (cheese dip in a can-gross) but some foods, I was surprised-and a little sad-that I would have to find an alternate or just learn to live without.   Included in the latter-our favorite pickles, Claussen.  Also, A-1 Sauce and Tapatio.  Big bummer.  We use these quite often so I am currently on the lookout for some better versions-home made or store bought.  So, although my goal was to rid the entire house of processed foods, those items will be staying around until I can find a good alternate.  I have to be realistic about this all....

I took pictures of my pantry before and after the processed food cleanse....wasn't sure if I was going to share because I am horrified at the mess my pantry was in prior to cleaning it out...but whatever.  And I think the after picture makes up for it all!

Pantry prior to cleanse:

And after...isn't it pretty???

What I learned, gained, want to pass on, etc from this weekly goal:
*There is a lot more unnatural stuff out there than I realized.
*I am feeling a little overwhelmed with now trying to keep this stuff out of my house.
*I will need to do some research on finding some adequate substitues for some of our faves such as pickles and A-1 Sauce.
*It feels fantastic to have rid my home of all that!!!!

Check back soon for Week #2!


  1. Awesome job, Katie! I'm right there with you. It's so hard but necessary.

  2. Good job!!!!!! What guidelines did you use?

    Could you make you own pickles? I have no idea if it is hard to do or not, but it might be a fun adventure. :)

  3. Cindy, my guidelines were simple...if there were unnatural ingredients, then adios. Another rule of thumb (from 100 days of real good) is that if there are more than 5 ingredients listed, it should go. However, that doesn't always work...We buy Daves Killer Bread which is a really great product...and has more than 5 ingredients.

    As for the pickles, yes, I could make my own, but I think I will try and find an alternative I can buy first.

    Thanks for reading and the comments!