Monday, January 23, 2012

Week #3 Review

Well, my house is not overflowing with free products but I did come out of this weekly goal with some coupons....and that works for me!  Here is how I made out:

  • Tillamook: Had me sign up on their website to receive free coupons and also informed me that they sometimes offer coupons on their Facebook page.  
  • Applegate Farms:  They are sending me coupons.
  • Daves Killer Bread:  Had no coupons or freebies but suggested I check out Costco where loaves are cheaper (which I already do) and also suggested I visit their store if I am local (which I am) as there are great deals there.  I actually have been wanting to go to their store for a while so....
  • PG (Tide):  The response I received back seemed very positive and enthusiastic...I thought for sure I would be getting something free...but nope, just more coupons.  
  • GlaxoSmithKline (Sensodyne): Was again directed to visit their website for coupons.
What I learned, gained, wanted to pass on, etc from this weekly goal:
Perhaps it was the companies I chose, but receiving free products was not as easy as I was led to believe.   Coupons, yes.  But free stuff-nope.   Oh well, it was worth a shot and I am glad I at least asked!

I will be posting my goal for week #4 very soon!

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  1. Free would have been great but, discounted is always better than full prices.