Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week #2 Review

Yay!  Week #2 is complete!  I made my list, purchased cards, wrote sweet notes inside, stamped / addressed, and stowed them in a safe place! Wow, feels great!  And oh ya, I also put calendar reminders in my gmail calendar to remind me when to mail the cards really, I have no excuses this year.

What I learned, gained, want to pass on, etc from this weekly goal:
*What I gained from this goal was a peace of mind.  I am so awful at remembering birthdays and I always feel so bad when I forget.  Knowing that I have a plan in place to simply mail out a card for a loved one's special day provides me a sense of calm.
*I learned that if I just put a little more effort into it, I can be better organized!

All my cards-ready for the mail!!!

Check back soon to sew what I will be tackling in Week #3!

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