Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week #4 Review

Soooo.....this goal was not completed.  In fact, I didn't even last 24 hours on the detox program.  4pm rolled around on that first day and extreme lethargy paired with a pounding headache forced me to throw in the towel.  It was just too hard for me to take care of two little kids while feeling so bad...and knowing that I had to do it for two more days simply petrified me!  Yes, I am sure it would have become easier but I didn't have the gumption to make it through.

What I learned, gained, wanted to pass on, etc from this weekly goal:

  • Be prepared as much as you can prior to starting the detox program.  Specifically, if you are a coffee drinker,  slowly start weaning off the caffeine a few days prior to starting (thank you to my BFF for this suggestion).  Cutting out that caffeine cold turkey was brutal!!!  Also, the program allows many salads and vegetable soups-do as much prep work for these meals before starting the program.  Making a salad is quite easy no??  Not so much when you have a raging headache and your body just wants to curl up on the couch.  Next time, I will have all my salad fixings chopped and ready to go before hand as well as a big batch of soup already made.
  • Pick a time period when there isn't too much going on...maybe a long weekend?  I started on a Wednesday which is typically the busiest day of the week in our family-bad idea.  I thought it would be a good day to pick since we would be so busy I wouldn't have time to think about it....I was mistaken.  
  • Don't be discouraged or beat yourself up if it doesn't happen the first time.  I was a-okay with my decision and think I made the best one for me and my family.  And I will most definitely be attempting this again.
My goal for week #5 will be posted later in the day!

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